Thursday, May 10, 2012


Pinky told me that bhabhi cornered her as soon as I left with bhai. Bhabhi stood on high moral ground and lectured Pinky. She went to the extent of asking wether I raped her. Pinky denied and said she opposed initially but when the way I caressed her boobs, massaged her vagina and sucked her nipples caused ripples of pleasure wave and she too then participated.
Pinky told she had reached point of no return and anybody in her place would have done the same. Pinky also told bhabhi that all this situation arose because both of us were wide awake and witnessed hot, steamy sex session of bhai and bhabhi. Bhabhi told me that she was shocked to learn about it. Bhabhi was further shocked when Pinky told her that in hotel also we had sex.
She told bhabhi the root of our relationship had been bhai's sex. Bhabhi cursed her for blaming her for our misdeed. Pinky calmly said when the desire for sex reaches a threshold nobody can stop and that she would continue having sex with me till I refuse.
Bhabhi was shocked and there ensued a long debate with bhabhi on morals and finally Pinky challenged bhabhi saying there is hell lot of difference between what she is preaching and in practice. Pinky said bhabhi was perplexed at Pinky's audacity when she said if bhabhi allows us to have sex with she being a mute spectator and then she if is able to control herself to my sexual advances then only she would agree with bhabhi.
Bhabhi said she has gone mad but Pinky was adamant and promised that she would never ever show her face to her. Bhabhi said Pinky I will not accept any such proposition because she knows she is correct. Pinky provoked bhabhi by saying it is easy to stand on high moral ground without testing oneself and that she is speaking all these things because maybe she did'nt get any opportunity.
Bhabhi told me that it somehow bruised her ego and after a while she bit the bait ( though today she has no regrets ). Bhabhi said that she would demonstrate self control. Pinky agreed to it and said bhabhi you will not act sternly with Nayan till the matter is resolved. She then asked bhabhi if she has night gown.
Actually both of them had forgot that and Pinky called me and said Nayan we have forgot to bring nightie so pls buy two, one for me and one for bhabhi. When I queried about her choice she said for me bring as per your liking and handed over the mobile to bhabhi. Bhabhi also gave no specific instruction. Somehow, I got haunch of events to unfold and became nervous.
For Pinky I chose frock type which as per image of model would be upto her thighs and for bhabhi little longer longer upto her knees. I got nervous at the very thought of what Pinky had suggested this afternoon ( about bhabhi ). Thinking of bhabhi and the thoughts of possibility of fucking her started doing tricks on my lund. I had never had regular sex leave aside threesome.
I started thinking what if I fail to get erection. My mind raced to all sorts of anti climax and I decided that I should take aphoridisac. I reached a medicine shop and payed a hefty amount for the medicine. I gulped a capsule and kept the remaining in car. When I reached hotel I saw Pinky and bhabhi waiting for me in lobby.
They were hungry and we had dinner in hotel only. Bhabhi was normal but her voice seemed to be strained. We returned back to room. Once inside the room Pinky surveyed the nightie and gave it to bhabhi so that she can select one. Bhabhi went to bathroom to change. At that time Pinky told me about the challenge.
Fear gripped me and I said Pinky if you are proved wrong then both of us will be in big trouble. Pinky laughed at my nervousness and winked at me and said atleast that gives us one more opportunity to enjoy
. I kissed her and said by god I want to marry you. She passionately kissed me and whispered into my ears Nayan sab tere upar hai ( nayan everything depends on you ).
I was still very tense and the kiss did'nt cause any upward movement of my lund. Bhabhi came out of the bathroom and looked sexy in her gown while Pinky went to bathroom to change. Her boobs were held loosely by the cups of the gown and the pinkish glow of the skin was glowing. Bhabhi didnt say anything and turned towards the mirror.
The gown was having deep cut from back side and her smooth skin was visible. Bhabhi combed her hairs and I kept on looking at her trying to initiate a conservation but could'nt. Then she raised her hands to tie her hairs in a bun and in mirror I saw her smooth arm pits. Bhabhi came to the extra bed and swithched on the T.V. I said bhabhi you sleep here I will manage there.
She said no that is for both of you quite sarcastically. Pinky saved the me as she came out from the bathroom. I quickly entered the bathroom and undressed and went to shower. I felt relaxed under that lukewarm water. Bhabhi came to my mind and I jerked. It responded and I came out of shower realising I dont have anything to wear for the night.
I wrapped the bathroom gown provided by the hotel and came out. The lights had been switched off and both of them were watching t.v. I joined Pinky on the bed. After some time bhabhi pretended to sleep and Pinky tuned in FTV. Pinky put on blanket and both of us were watching t.v. I put my hands on her waist and drew her nearer to me.
She then swithced off t.v and turned to my side and we kissed and while I sucked her lips slurping sound filled the room, soon our tongues were fighting it out for supremacy. My hands roamed around her body feeling her curves. I could feel the erection of her nipples as I gently massaged her chuchi (boobs).
As I was kissing her neck Pinky whispered nayan jitna aawaz kar sakta hai kar aur mera gown utar kar har jagah kiss kar aur phir dekh bbhabhi tujhse kaise karwati hai ( nayan make all sort of erotic sounds and then see how bhabhi falls on to your lap ). I whispered back Pinky tu hi kaafi hai bhabhi ko chod (Pinky you are good enough and lets forget bhabhi).
My hands slipped under her gown and I caressed her ass. She was not wearing panty. Slowly I started to pull up her gown and then finally removed it. Pinky moaned ohh nayan it feeels sooooooo goood hummmmm pleaseeeee tweakkkkkk my nippleeeees ahhhhh yessssss loud enough to be heard by bhabhi. Our kissing was noisy and to tell you the truth my lund was not even half erect.
The thrill was missing and I was still a bit tense knowing bhabhi is watching us made me feel like an porn actor. I sucked Pinky's nipples and did all sort of things but the pleasure I got from her in morning and afternoon was missing. She touched my tool and must have felt my feelings. She started licking my ears and whispered nayan I understand now let us enjoy and to do hell with bhabhi.

She went down and she started nibbling my nipples. A strange pleasure wave travelled across my body, Pinky kept on moving down and opened my bath gown and kissed my lund from top of my undies . She gradually pulled it down and started licking my lund. The hot saliva of her tongue circling around my toppa of lund sent ripples after ripples.
My lund responded and started gaining strength and was fully erect in no time. I grabbed Pinky and pulled her up and licked her and went down licking her boobs, navel and then finally vagina. As I licked it she spread her legs and I sucked her. She moaned uuuuunggghhhhh aaaah aaaeeeeeeessssssss oooooohhhhhh hmmmmmm.
She twisted her body and I stopped sucking her and as I climbed up her body she turned and I started kissing her entire back. My erect lund poked her ass as I reached her neck and she laughed mildly hu hum hu hum when I tingled her neck with my tongue. She again came on top of me and tingled my nipples with her wet tongue. As she did it I arched my ass upwards in natural reaction to enter her.
From the dim light coming from bathroom I could see naughtiness in her eyes and she whispered phir kosish kar (try again). She again sucked this time harder and I again tried but failed. I grabbed her head and and pulled her down and kissed her. We played with each other with full passion.

Pinky would allow me to suck, kiss, lick all her curvaceous body and as I would try to enter her she would naughtily manage to get out. This was driving me crazy and now my lund which was hot and hard demanded immediate attention of pussy walls. During this play we took up 69 position and I was from top sucking her wet choot and my lund pointing towards her mouth was licked by her and it was towards bhabhi's bed.
Amidst our moans I heard heavy breathing. I turned and looked at bhabhi, pinky craned her neck to have a look too. Pinky then glided herself on bed and came near me and whispered nayan bhabhi is perhaps hot and she is going to bathroom and asked me to try my luck with bhabhi. Before I could react she was in bathroom.
The condition of my lund was so hot that it could have fucked even babli. I stood up with my erect lund. Pinky was there inside bathroom with bathroom door wide open. This increased illumination in room. I could see bhabhi looking at my lund breathing heavily. I took few steps to reach her bed. Bhabhi closed her eyes as I sat on her bed. I slowly pulled the blanket from her legs.
I saw her gown was up and her neatly trimmed pubic hairs. Bhabhi had removed her hands from her choot. She was still breathing heavily as I totally removed her blanket. Her chuchi was moving up and down. The movement of her firm chuchi and the erection of her nipples creating an impression on thin cotton gown were driving me crazy and my lund became hot with desire of fucking her.
I bent myself and kissed her toes which gradually turned into wet licks. I was unmindful as to when Pinky sneaked in swithched on tv and the room was filled with music. As I saw her she went to bathroom and closed the door. Bhabhi momentarily opened her eyes and may be looked for perhaps Pinky and closed her eyes once again. I licked her both toes with eyes on her chuchi.
My mind worked overtime to find most pleasurable path upto her chuchi which were heavily moving up and down. My licks kept on moving upwards till I reached her thighs. I gently parted her thighs to expose her choot. I buried my face there and licked her inner thighs without touching her choot while my hands sneaked inside her gown.
I gently massaged her navel and finally reached her firm chuchi. I felt her nipples and gently tweaked them. Bhabhi shuddered in pleasure and twisted her ass so as to position her choot over my tongue. I felt her choot walking down to my tongue which lapped up the opportunity and kissed and then started sucking. For the first time she moaned aaaahhhh and thrust her choot on my face.
My hands got busy removing her gown and she wriggled on bed to help me and finally from the corner of my eyes I saw she herself pulled out her gown. As I dug my tongue into her choot she started to thrust her ass more rapidly. I felt steady flow of juices and could feel her body getting stiff. I stopped sucking her picked her up and came to double bed.
I took her swollen nipples in my mouth and licked it with mouth ful of saliva and wetting it. Bhabhi arched up and moaned in pleasure aaagggghhhh ooooooooohhhhhhh ummmmnnnnnnnnn. She still kept her eyes closed and her face expressed the pleasure she was having.
I then sucked and nibbled her nipples and with one hand played with her nipple and the other hand was caressing her navel and going gradually to her choot. As my hand reached her chute the fully wet chute welcomed my fingers and my fingers entering her chute and my sucking her lips were well coordinated.
Bhabhi wet lips welcomed me and she too started kissing me uuuunnnmm uuuuunnnmm aah huuuuuuummmmmnnnnn. For a brief moment I left her choot and held her hands and put it on my lund. She opened her eyes on feeling hot lund. She measured the thickness with two fingers encircling the girth and the depth it will penetrate with her palms.
Our eyes met and I saw she was now driven by lust. After kissing my tongue went near her ears and licked her earlobes and I whispered bhabhi tainu roop ka khazana ho (bhabhi you are treasure of beauty ).
As I licked her earlobes she rubbed her cheeks with my cheeks and kept on moaning softly huuuuunmmm uuooonnnnggghhh aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh hhhhmmmm uuuuuuoooooogghhhhhh ahah hannnaaaaa and I whispered into her ears bhabhi I first had a glimpse of your cleavage when the maid did'nt turn up and your pallu slipped while mopping the floor, I was so hot that I had to go to toilet to masterbate.
Bhabhi spread her legs wide and put one leg over mine and rubbed her legs with mine as I dug deep into her choot and massaged the walls of her choot. Bhabhi took both her hands over her head and I quickly licked her armpits. She half moaned and half giggled hhun hun aaaaaaauuuuungggggghhhh. She arched upwards her lower part of the body.
She wanted my lund desperately and mumbled pppleeeaseeee nayan ab pleeasse ohhhhhhhh abbbbb nahiiii rahaaaaa jaaataaaa hummmghhhhhh ppppppplease daal deeeeeeee naaa masallllll de mujheeeee pleaseeeee nayan she was violently jerking and twisting and I came on top of her. She guided my lund at the entrance and moaned puurrrrrra ghusssssaaaa de.
She was so wet that my first shot glided all the way to boundry. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Pinky's tongue oner my back and rubbing her chuchi on my back. As I stopped to enjoy Pinky's nudges bhabhi desperately almost begged pleeeaseee nayan zorrr se kaarrrr na. I started pumping her furiously.
Pinky came in front and sucked bhabhi's nipple while I fully concentrated in pumping her. Bhabhi was now almost mad with pleasure. I took her legs on my shoulder held her legs and grinded her choot making thap thap thap rythmic sound and bhabhi's moan haann uummmghh haann ummaaahh. Pinky kissed bhabhi and then both took out their tongues and played.
Pinky asked bhabhi bataoo na mazzaa aa raha hai (bhabhi tell us wether you are having fun ). Bhabhi replied haaaaaaaannnnn piiiinnnkyyyyyy baaaahuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt ohhhh nayaaaannnn. Pinky greedily said bhabhi mujhe bhi mazzaa do naa and said nayan tu peeche se kar bhabhi mera choot suck karegi (bhabhi I also want some fun pls suck my pussy).
I took out my lund bhabhi was in great hurry. She quickly turned and buried her face in Pinkys choot. I entered her from rear spreading her legs wide apart. Bhabhi's ass perfectly fitted in my crotch and once again I pumped her. She was nearing her orgasm and within minutes she came oozing gallons. I quickly withdrew and asked Pinky to come.
 Bhabhi rolled away and I positioned in pinky's choot and continued to fire at rapid pace. I grabbed her chuchi and fucked her hard. Both of us were moaning and challenging each other. I was mumbling ye le ye le pinkyyyy ye aur le hhhmmm (take this pinky take this ) and pinky saying thodddaa aurrrr thodaaaa aurrrrrr hummmm busssssss ittttnaaaaa hiiii dummmm haiiiiiii (give more give more, is this all you got ).
I withdrew from her choot and positioned the toppa at her annus opening and jerked my ass forward. My lund was so soaked with both of them juices that about half of my 6 incher slided in. I felt pinky shuddering and she became standstill. Then with another jerk I was fully inside her asshole and I gave one powerpacked thrust by pulling almost full lund out and then putting it back in depths at lightening speed.
Pinky pleaded nayaaan pls thoda dheere. I again gave her similar power packed stroke and said now pinky feel my power. She kept mum and I increased the time interval between strokes but the intensity remained the same. By 6 or 7 stroke I felt Pinky grinding her ass on my crotch when I am deep inside her. It gave me amazing pleasure.

I then started to give circular motion to my hips going in. Pinky moaned uuummmmmmmmm aiseeeee heee karrrrrrrr ummmmmm . I started ding it with all my energy when I felt tension building up in my lund. I moaned and asked bhabhi to finger Pinky. Bhabhi obliged pinky and she fingered and I screwed her with all my might. Pinky was surfing pleasure waves expertly.
She was moaning ooogghhhh haaan bhaaaabhi, nayaaaan karteeee oissssshhhhh huuummmghhhh thissssss hmmmmppphhhh issssssssss heeeavennnnnn. I reached my peak and started to cum and once again gave her power packed strokes. After I was drained I was panting lying near her and she kissed me, bhabhi continued to finger her.
I sucked her chuchi hard and took over from bhabhi in fingering her. She came after quite some time and was panting. She slumped beside me. I then came in between both the ladies. I put my arms around them and held their chuchi. While pinky closed her eyes bhabhi tried to get up.
I did'nt let her go and said comomn bhabhi lets take rest like this only. I gently kept on caressing her chuchi. Bhabhi turned towards me and put her leg on my leg that I felt her juices. She put her arms on my stomach and soon all three of us were sleeping.


I arrived home yesterday morning with my head spinning. Fortunately, my boyfriend is away at a Stag do this weekend, so there were no embarrassing questions.....

On Friday night, as he was away, I agreed to go to the pub after work with a few of the girls from the office. Normally I don't drink much, but we were having so much fun that I soon found that I had drunk three glasses of wine and was feeling relaxed.

My colleagues all had plans for later that night, so at about 7.30 they all got up to leave - and I was following them through the crowded bar. As we approached the door I heard someone call my name & saw Martin, a guy I went to school with. We chatted for a while, but then the guy with him, Gary, introduced himself & asked me what I would like to drink.

I have no idea why I accepted his offer, but within minutes I had another glass of wine in my hand. Martin left the pub fairly soon after that & I was left chatting with Gary. I was feeling quite tipsy & he was really hot.... so when he said his flat was only two minutes walk away I readily agreed to go back with him.

I knew precisely what he had in mind, and my panties were starting to get quite damp at the thought. As we walked he put his arm around me, and I was getting more excited with each step.

As we entered his flat he wasted no time.... he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. His hands were stroking my back, then down over my bum, he was pressing his groin against me & I could feel his hard-on pressing against me.

He released me from his embrace, took my hand & led me straight through to his bedroom. He apologised for his bed not being made - then lay me down onto the mattress. He kissed me passionately on the lips, then slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I lifted my back & he quickly unfastened my bra & he lowered his mouth onto my breasts.

Feeling his tongue & teeth on my nipples made them stiffen, and I could feel his hand moving between my legs, massaging my inner thigh... moving higher & higher. Then his hand reached my crotch & I could feel him rubbing me through the material of my panties, which by that time were soaking wet.

I was so horny by now, I just had to feel his cock.... so I reach down & held it through his trousers. My god, it felt so big.... I lowered his zip & put my hand inside.

We were both breathing heavily, Gary had pulled my panties down a little & his fingers were exploring my pussy, then he stood up & quickly stripped naked... then removed my blouse, panties & bra completely - I completed this by quickly removing my skirt.

He kissed me again, pulling my body close to him, I could feel him throbbing hard against me..... I was feeling so horny, I just wanted to feel him inside me - but he had other plans. He started kissing my neck, then down my breasts, my tummy.... until I felt his hot breath against my pussy. Then I felt his tongue touching me - it felt amazing.... my clit was buzzing as he worked his tongue over it... and I felt him slide two fingers deep into my soaking wet hole.

I knew that I would not last long with this.... his tongue was just incredible, and I started to have the strongest orgasm of my life. He continued to fingerfuck me as I bucked & writhed underneath him....

After a few minutes my orgasm started to subside & he had moved up and was kissing me... his mouth & chin were coated in my juices.... and I could feel the head of his cock against my pussy lips.

For me, one of the most amazing feelings in the world is when a thick cock starts to slide into me..... I was so wet, that his knob slid against my pussy lips easily, but he was so thick... I could feel him stretching me as he started to enter me. His tongue was in my mouth and I could feel more & more of his cock filling me.

Finally I felt his balls against my ass.. my pussy was still buzzing from my orgasm, & I was so wet...

I whispered into his ear "Fuck me hard Gary" - and he needed no second invitation. He started to thrust into me hard and fast. I started to feel my pussy throbbing & buzzing as he slammed into me... I was writhing underneath him as he fucked me harder.

I think I screamed as I came again.... then he slammed into me and groaned.... I could feel him throbbing deep inside me. He was collapsed on top of me - and I realised that he had cum in me without a condom..... well it was too late now! I'm on the pill, so it was okay from that side, but you have to think about stds as well... but as I said, it was a little late to worry about that now.

I could feel his cock soften a little, and his cum started to leak from me and dribble down my ass.... he reached down & wiped a little with his fingers, then held them to my lips... he looked into my eyes as I licked his fingers. I felt his cock throb harder inside me as I did this... it was obviously a turn on for him....

I think we fucked five times that night & the following morning, and he came in my mouth twice as well (and he used his tongue to make me cum 3 or 4 times!) :)

So I finally left his flat at about 10am, as I walked home, I could feel his cum seeping into my knickers. And now I have arrived home and feel totally confused - I love my boyfriend, but I want to experience sex like that again and again.....